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The Future Female Leaders Program is for  female talents, who have the ambition and the potential to reach the top of your (profit or not for profit) organization. The FFL Program strengthens the talent and ability of these women by making them stronger, more versatile, more resilient, more effective and more creative.
In this way, they learn to recognize the different ways of working of companies and the unwritten game of influence and profiling, and to act accordingly.

Are you aiming for more women at the top of your organization?

Let your female talent participate in our programs.

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The following organizations participate / participated in Future Female Leaders.

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In August 2016, the first group of Future Female Leaders with 11 participants started working at various companies. The participants are very enthusiastic and indicate that they really grow as a human and female leader through the program. In addition, the mentors, the teachers and the organizations where the participants work also see that the participants continue to develop as future leaders. See below the video what Future Female Leaders brings you!

Future Female Leaders Program

The FFL Programme offers top female talent a unique opportunity to develop leadership qualities in an early stage of their career, laying a strong foundation for a leadership role at an executive level in the near future. Participants learn to break through internal and external barriers and to shine when it’s called for. 

Teachers are from various areas and specializations (some examples):

> Prof. dr. Jaap van Muijen (professor)
> Drs. Jeroen Smit (professor, publicist)
> Gijs Scholten van Aschat (actor)


How does a woman achieve a top position. 

Participants combine the FFL Program with work. A Future Female Leader is employed and is participating in the FFL Program through her employer who contributes to the FFL Program or she works on secondment on assignments of FFL BV.

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Do you want more women in the top of your company or organization?

Future Female Leaders program is for young, talented women who have the ambition and the potential to reach the top of your (profit or non-profit) organization.

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Coaching of participants 

Each Future Female Leader will have their own coach and a practical mentor. They will support the participant in her development in online and offline meetings.


Teachers at the FFL

This select group includes professors, actors, CEO's, entrepreneurs and other relevant persons. They will convey their specific knowledge and experience in compact and intensive sessions to the participant.