Every FFL will be assigned a mentor (experience coach): a current or former director, supervisory officer and/or consultant with an excellent reputation and extensive experience (at least ten years) in positions of responsibility and authority in the business, government, healthcare or education sectors.

  • They will have carved out a career path that took them to the top and are now looking to do their bit for society by giving guidance to ambitious, young and talented female professionals who are brimming with potential.
  • They are prepared to be a mentor of a Future Female Leader for a period of two years.
  • They are prepared to share their knowledge and experience and give advice and recommendations in an ethical and reliable manner, are a good listener and have a positive and coaching-oriented leadership style.

The mentor will set an example, give tips and advice and function as a learning supervisor/facilitator although they will focus entirely on personal development.

“Future Female Leaders know how to present themselves and play the power game. They learn to use humour effectively, to size up their surroundings and to be solid in their subject matter while being sensitive in their interpersonal contact. They can both dish it out and take it, they are graceful in both victory and defeat, and above all, they maintain a strong belief in themselves which they repeatedly live up to.”

– Nicole Edelenbos

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