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Future Female Leaders has developed several programmes:

Workshops & lectures

Future Female Leaders organises lectures and workshops on leadership, diversity, setting, maintaining and respecting boundaries and related articles.

Fee: depending on duration, number of participants and location.

Contact us for more information.

Individual Programmes:

Future Female Leaders Basis Programme:

The Future Female Leaders Programme is for young and talented female professionals with the ambition and potential to get to the very top of any business or non-profit organisation. The FFL Programme boosts the talent and skills of these young women by boosting their strength, versatility, resilience, effectivity and creativity. This way, they learn all of the various working methods and strategies within organisations at an early stage in their career, as well as learning to recognise and respond to the unspoken and unwritten game of influence and profiling.

The Individual Taster Programme

To give potential candidates a better idea of what the FFL Programme is all about, we created the Individual Taster Programme: a two-day programme that illustrates a variety of aspects of the FFL Programme. The programme is intended for talented female professionals.

Advanced 35+ programme

Future Female Leaders has also developed a programme for women aged 35 and above who want to continually optimise their personal development as a leader and how to function more effectively in their leadership role.

In-house programmes:

Future Female Leaders In-House programme:

In addition to the current FFL Programme, we are also developing a tailor-made in-house programme that will represent the core of FFL. These programmes will also begin this year.

In-House Taster Programme:

We have developed a two-day Taster Programme for which you can select specific aspects from the individual FFL programme.The programme is intended for talented women with the ambition to further develop their leadership skills.