Future Female Leaders Programme

The Future Female Leaders Programme is for young and talented female professionals with the ambition and potential to get to the very top of any business or non-profit organisation. The FFL Programme boosts the talent and skills of these young women by boosting their strength, versatility, resilience, effectivity and creativity. This way, they learn all of the various working methods and strategies within organisations at an early stage in their career, as well as learning to recognise and respond to the unspoken and unwritten game of influence and profiling.

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Are you a Future Female Leader with the ambition and potential to get to the very top? Would you like to use the Future Female Leader Programme to optimally apply your knowledge and experience?

1. Themes

  • Intake
  • Presenting yourself, speech skills and voice training
  • Personal power (using your own strength)
  • Power and influence
  • 21st century leadership (insight into boardrooms)
  • Systematic thinking
  • Personal drivers/setting goals
  • Power & ranking, casting & framing
  • Conflict resolution and negotiation
  • Balance between work and personal life
  • Humour versus seriousness, content versus style
  • The ‘next step’
  • The Common Thread: Connecting Head, Heart and Body

2. Intervision

During intervision meetings, the participants discuss issues from everyday professional practice under the guidance of a coach. The meetings tackle leadership issues and questions concerning personal development and career paths. A variety of intervision methods will be used in order to provide the participants with methodical insights.

3. Individual guidance

A mentor will be assigned to every participant to provide both online and offline support and guidance with her development. She will be given feedback on her development plan and discuss practical assignments, traineeships, etc.

4. The programme

5. Development paths

Shaping yourself as a person:

When seeking to progress to executive roles, it is especially vital to gain self-insight (personal values, strengths and weaknesses) and to clarify, reinforce and continually maintain your personal profile. The degree and manner of personal development varies substantially from person to person and our specially developed tests, coaching and personal development plan ensure the participants’ individual development is continually monitored.

Shaping your relationships with others:

The relationship that directors have with the workforce is vital to whether they are perceived as inspirational, charismatic or motivational. To enable effective leadership, it is important to develop a sufficient level of sensitivity and competencies in this area in order to effectively design relationships. The programme addresses knowledge and skills relating to power and influence, collaboration, and how to handle resistance and conflicts of interest productively.

6. Combined learning and working

The participants combine this learning track with their regular job. The Future Female Leaders are all employed, either working on the FFL Programme via their employer or performing Future Female Leaders BV assignments for clients on a secondment basis.

The FFL Programme combines learning and working, enabling the knowledge and skills gained during the programme to be put to the test in the unpredictable and ambiguous arena of professional practice as well as incorporating inspiration from role models and practical examples to boost the participants’ professional growth and ambitions. An emphatic goal of the FFL Programme is to provide a development platform for theory-based practice and practice-based learning, enabling optimal perception and development of leadership diversity at the executive level.

7. Participating as a client

Clients can participate in the programme in the following way:

  1. The candidates are recruited and selected by Future Female Leaders BV and then enter into our employment in order to work on suitable assignments for other businesses/organisations on a secondment basis.
  2. The candidates are recruited and selected by Future Female Leaders BV to enter into the employment of another company/organisation via which they will participate in the programme.
  3. The candidates are already employed and take part in the programme via their employer.

8. Working on assignments

Candidates can work for organisations on a secondment basis, in which case they will receive guidance from their practical supervisor. The candidate will fulfil a position of responsibility within assignments involving connections and challenges at the tactical and strategic level. She will reflect both on the content and the results of the assignment and her own role within it.

The candidates can work on a variety of assignments on a secondment basis. These assignments can vary in length, although the first one will have a minimum duration of nine months and will be conducted on a full-time basis at the client’s premises.

Many are individual assignments, while others are in teams with other participants of the FFL Programme or in collaboration with an experienced interim manager. The participants will be expected to research, analyse and diagnose the issues and advise the client based on this analysis. They will also be involved in change implementation. Creating support and getting a feel for relationships and the environment are essential skills during these assignments and the participants will have to prove their worth again and again.

hey can be assigned a role in a variety of areas:

  • Project management: Managing a project or project team to ensure the predefined goal(s) are achieved.
  • Interim management: Fulfilling an existing role for the client on a temporary basis.
  • Process management: Mapping out and/or optimising existing processes.
  • Consultancy: Conducting an analysis in order to provide advice.

9. Guest speakers

A variety of guest speakers will get involved with the FFL Programme during the year.

10. Alumnae

Former participants of the FFL Programme will be asked to play a supporting and supervisory role in ongoing FFL Programmes. As well as maintaining their involvement with the programme and realising their objectives, this also ensures that this group of women with shared ambitions and leadership qualities will become bigger and increasingly visible.

11. Duration and scope

The Future Female Leaders Programme lasts for nine months and consists of a series of meetings and intervision sessions.

12. Group size

The group consists of a minimum of ten participants.

13. Dates of 2018-2019 programme

The meetings will take place on:

  • Friday 30 August
  • Thursday 26 September
  • Friday 27 September
  • Friday 18 Oktober
  • Thursday 14 November
  • Friday 15 November
  • Friday 13 December
  • Thursday 23 January 2020
  • Friday 24 January 2020
  • Friday 14 February 2020
  • Thursday 19 March 2020
  • Friday 20 March 2020
  • Friday 12 June 2020

The meetings always start at 09:00 and finish at 18:00 (on the last day). The programme will continue into the evening.

14. Costs

You can participate in FFL as a client in a three ways:

  • Temporary project: For this option, you appoint a Future Female Leader (FFL) to perform an appropriate assignment for a set daily fee. The daily fee depends on the candidate’s age and experience and the duration of the assignment. The minimum assignment duration is nine months and the minimum daily fee is €350 (excluding accommodation costs and VAT). The FFL will be in the employment of Future Female Leaders BV and will perform an assignment on a secondment basis. After a period of one year – provided both participant and client are in agreement – the FFL is permitted to enter into an employment contract with the client organisation at no extra cost to the client.
  • Via a new employment contract: You can also enter into an employment contract with an FFL selected by Future Female Leaders BV for the duration of the programme, in which case a fee of €12,500 (excluding VAT and location/accommodation costs of approx. €1,000 excluding VAT) will be payable to Future Female Leaders BV.
  • Via an employment contract: This option involves the participation of an FFL who is already employed by the client and who satisfies the FFL selection criteria. In such cases, the client will pay a fee of €12,500 (excluding VAT and location/accommodation costs of approx. €1,000 excluding VAT).

15. Payment of costs

Three payment options are available:

  • Payment of a daily fee for the execution of an assignment.
  • Payment of a placement fee following recruitment and selection by Future Female Leaders BV of a candidate who will then enter into the employment of the client.
  • Payment of the costs of the programme by the candidate’s employer.

16. Registration

Participants can sign up by contacting Future Female Leaders via the button below.

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