The Individual Taster Programme

To give potential candidates a better idea of what the FFL Programme is all about, we created the Individual Taster Programme: a two-day programme that illustrates a variety of aspects of the FFL Programme. The programme is intended for talented female professionals.

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Are you a Future Female Leader with the ambition and potential to get to the very top? Would you like to use the Future Female Leader Programme to optimally apply your knowledge and experience?

1. Introduction

The FFL Individual Taster Programme offers talented female professionals a unique opportunity to develop their leadership qualities and lay vital foundations for future leadership roles at the executive level. The participants learn how to present and position themselves and how to ‘play the game’. They learn to use humour effectively, size up their surroundings and are solid in their subject matter while retaining sensitivity in their interpersonal contact. They can both dish it out and take it, they are graceful in both victory and defeat, and above all, they maintain strong belief in themselves which they repeatedly live up to.

As not everyone will have the opportunity to participate in an individual programme, Future Female Leaders has developed a made-to-measure programme:

The Individual Taster Programme:

This programme contains various essential ingredients of the individual Future Female Leaders Programme. The programme is designed to enhance women’s talent and personal power by boosting their strength, versatility, resilience, effectivity and creativity.

2. Who is it for?

The Future Female Leaders Individual Taster Programme was developed for talented women with the ambition to further develop their leadership skills.

3. Further development of leadership skills

Without a concrete assignment, each programme runs the risk of becoming a relaxing break from everyday professional practice. For this reason, we design the programme to ensure there is something at stake. The programme specifically focuses on shaping yourself as a professional and developing personal power and we therefore challenge the participants to clearly demonstrate their power and skills at the end of the programme. We encourage every participant to write a personal pitch about why she is the right woman to take on the challenges of tomorrow, which she will make to a select group of partners.

4. Intake

For the purposes of the intake, the participants will be asked to write a letter containing the following aspects:

  • The journey their life has taken them on.
  • The role that work plays in their life.
  • Their current role in your organisation.
  • What do you expect from your organisation and what is your organisation’s added value?
  • Where do you want to be in three years’ time?

5. Various ingredients

A variety of essential ingredients from the individual Future Female Leaders Programme will be included in the Individual Taster Programme, such as:

  • personal power (the power and influence game)
  • presenting yourself (in the spotlight)
  • casting & framing
  • leadership: a complex interplay

6. Duration and scope

The Future Female Leaders Individual Taster Programme lasts for two consecutive days.

7. Group size

The group consists of a minimum of ten participants.

8. Dates

The dates will be determined as soon as enough participants have registered.

9. Costs

The Future Female Leaders Individual Taster Programme costs €1,200 excluding VAT.

10. Location

The Future Female Leaders Individual Taster Programme will be held in Amsterdam and the location is easily accessible by car or public transport.

11. Registration

Participants can sign up by contacting Future Female Leaders via the button below.

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Are you a Future Female Leader with the ambition and potential to get to the very top?