In-House Taster Programme

We have developed a two-day Taster Programme for which you can select specific aspects from the individual FFL programme such as:

  • personal power (the power and influence game)
  • presenting yourself (in the spotlight)
  • casting & framing
  • leadership: a complex interplay

The FFL Programme offers talented female professionals a unique opportunity to develop their leadership qualities and lay vital foundations for future leadership roles at the executive level. The participants learn how to present themselves and how to ‘play the game’. They learn to use humour effectively, to size up their surroundings and to be solid in their subject matter while being sensitive in their interpersonal contact. They can both dish it out and take it, they are graceful in both victory and defeat, and above all, they maintain strong belief in themselves which they repeatedly live up to.

The programme is intended for talented women with the ambition to further develop their leadership skills. We will determine which trainers and supervisors will be involved in the programme based on the selected programme content. To see the trainers, mentors and coaches involved in FFL, see the website

The cost of the programme will be determined based on the number of participants and the number of trainers. Feel free to contact us for more information.

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